Hello there world! Although this is a “first post” in this particular blog, it is not our first blog. Previous to this one, we wrote another blog with similar content. Due to personal reasons and privacy issues, we will eventually be deleting our other blog (which we cannot disclose the name of here)…but ‘friends’ and select others will be notified of this newly developed platform and of the blog it is replacing. It is difficult starting over again, especially when you are not keeping the previous entries or moving an older blog to a new location. On the bright side, it gives us a chance to change things and have more control since we are now the owners of our domain.

What will we write about? Everything we have written about in the last few years…sex and sexuality, acceptance, fantasy, reality, relationships, love, tits, pussy, cock, ass, BDSM, spanking, flogging, masturbation, marriage, commitment, friendship, sex toys and implements, D/s, dominance, submission, rules, emotions, punishments, behavior, rewards, life, fun, pain, pleasure, food and more than we can continue to list here.

We do not try to make it a habit to post daily, as not every day brings something interesting, exciting or entertaining enough to write about. Even the kinkiest of lives has vanilla. We do try to post at least once or twice a week and often more than that. Occasionally we post pictures of ourselves or things related to whatever we are writing about.

So come along with us and cum along with us! Visit often, feel free to leave us comments, suggestions, advice or even a limerick or joke. Walk with us as we travel “Along A Beating Path”.

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