TheRandyBeast: my “monster” in the darkness.

“Wider.” It’s a simple command.

I instantly readjust myself in front of the laptop screen, spreading my thighs further apart.

“Good girl. Now tilt the camera downward a bit.”

Again, I do as I’m instructed. To do otherwise usually doesn’t even enter my mind.

Though to be truthful, occasionally the sassy little slut side of me comes out to play. It’s at those times when his other side also comes out. I see TheRandyBeast the clearest when I am sassy. It is those times that I’m both delightfully aroused and frightened. It’s sublime.

We are all suppose to be afraid of monsters, right? As children we fear the darkness, fear what hides in the closet, fear what lurks under the bed. We have been trained since birth to avoid pain of all sorts…but especially to avoid those that would deliberately inflict pain on us, whether that pain is physical or psychological. They are often called names such as evil, wicked, vile, sadists, perverted, devilish, mischievous, black-hearted. Yes, sometimes those people truly are maliciously evil and have no redeeming value. And yes, if such was in my life, I’d avoid him as best I could. But not all monsters are monstrous. Most “monsters” are just misunderstood.

In my world, I love such a “monster”. His name is “beast”…more specifically TheRandyBeast.

He’s a complicated and yet simple man. I have seen him show the most tender, gentle side any man ever could. I have seen him lose himself to a dark rage that could almost drive him to kill at that moment. Over the years, I have seen and often experienced the many sides to this man. He’s held me close and tenderly, slowly and passionately made love to me. He’s bound me and beaten my body for his own enjoyment before forcing me to take his manhood into whatever orifice he decided to brutally assault. I have enjoyed his kisses and his bruises. I have begged him to spread his arms wide to hold me and to spread my legs wide to use me. I have giggled as he tickled me and cried as he spanked me….both were wonderful. I love the sadistically perverted side of him. And I fear the sadistically perverted side of him as well. Perhaps I fear it because I also fear the masochist within me.

This man of mine…this twisted, kinky man…this wonderfully complicated beast is the center of my world. He says I am the center of his as well. I draw each breath into my body only so that it may fuel me to be with him. I live to love him and serve him. He lives to love me and use me. Our symbiotic relationship works well and has for many, many years now.

Are we kinky? Hell yes. Are we perverted? Again, yes. Do we care? Fuck no! We are what we are. It’s a huge stride forward in anyone’s life when they understand just what they are and can openly ask for what they need and want.

I want him. He wants me. I need him to hurt and abuse me. He needs to hurt and abuse me. This is part of who and what we are. This is part of our life together.

What do you need? What do you want?

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